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Lillooet is a stunning region in Western Canada that is home to a unique and diverse ecosystem bustling with life.

Meet the Wildlife

Awareness Index

We love the animals that call the Lillooet region home; Stay up to date as we add new animals to our Awareness Index, complete with illustrations, professional photography & species range maps.

Chinook salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Western Screech Owl

Megascops kennicottii

Clark’s Nutcracker

Nucifraga columbiana

Mountain goat

Oreamnos americanus

Northern Pygmy Owl

Glaucidium Gnoma

Mountain Bluebird

Sialia Currucoides


Select one of the wildlife below to see a map of where in BC they call home.


Gulo gulo
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With bringing awareness to local & endangered wildlife, we must also be respectful towards the land they call home.